El Preterite Grave - Explanation

# F. J. Villatoro #

El Preterite Grave - Explanation

Most of the common verbs used in the past in Spanish are irregular.

Here is a list of some in the Yo form and underneath examples of other parts of the verbs:

anduve andar to walk
cupe caber to fit
di dar to give
dije decir to say
estuve estar to be
fui ser to be
fui ir to go
hube haber to have
hice hacer to make / to do
pude poder to be able to
puse poner to put
quise querer to want
supe saber to know
tuve tener to have
traje traer to bring
vine venir to come
vi ver to see

Por ejemplo:

El año pasado fui a Barcelona Last year I went to Barcelona
La semana pasada quise ir al cine Last week I wanted to go to the cinema
¿Qué hiciste? What did you do?
Mi amigo anduvo al instituto My friend walked to school
Vimos la nueva película We saw the new film
Tuvimos hambre We were hungry
¿Hicisteis las camas? Did you make the beds?
Mis padres estuvieron de vacaciones My parents were on holidays
Los chicos trajeron un pastel a la fiesta The boys took a cake to the party