Gustar (to be pleasing to ...)

# F. J. Villatoro #

Gustar (to be pleasing to ...)

GUSTAR is used to mean 'to like', but really means 'to be pleasing to ...'

It agrees with what is being liked rather than the person doing the liking.

With singular nouns use GUSTA and with plurals use GUSTAN

Por ejemplo:


Me gusta el chocolate / Me gusta la tortilla

(I like chocolate / I like omelette)


Me gustan las patatas fritas / Me gustan las clases

(I like chips / I like classes)

With an infinitive, it means 'liking to do something' and GUSTA is used.

Por ejemplo:

Me gusta leer libros

(I like reading books)

Me / te / le / nos / os / les

These mean

'to me' (me),

'to you' (te),

'to him/her' (le),

'to us' (nos),

'to you' plural (os),

'to them' (les)

They are used with impersonal verbs like 'gustar' and 'doler' (to be hurting). Use them to show who is doing something.

Por ejemplo:

Me gusta - I like

Te gusta - You like

Le gusta - He/She likes

Nos gusta - We like

Os gusta - You (plural) like

Les gusta - They like