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Selected Links

This page provides links to selected sites which offer resources to aid language learning.
Please note that languages online is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

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Links for Pupils
schoLINGUA - An excellent verb conjugation trainer in French, German and Italian
bab.La - A useful multi-lingual online dictionary service
TypeIt - www.typeit.org - Type any text with foreign characters easily
VTrain (Vocabulary Trainer) - An Excellent resource for creating your own Vocabulary Training Exercises
Vocabel.com - Create your own vocabulary test
Links for Teachers
Mega Seating Plan - A great website for producing seating plans for your classroom - highly recommended.
Quizlet - A great website for producing vocabulary practice activities - highly recommended.
Hot Potatoes
A Beginner's Guide to Hot Potatoes, by Andrew Balaam A Word Document, approximately 4MB in size
Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom: Andrew Balaam talks to Joe Dale.

Sites offering Language Exchanges and Pen Pal links