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What is languages online extra?

Teachers subscribed to languages online extra can:
- choose their preferred activity pass mark for a course - 75% or 90%
- assign homework (or classwork) tasks to their students
- track their students' progress and see their marks for each activity
- set up "badges" to reward students for successful completion of activities
- use badge results to quickly see who has completed all activities - homework checking made easy
- export data for all or a chosen set of activities
- play Homework Lotto over 10 or 15 homeworks to add a "fun element" to language homework
- run points competitions over a period of time to encourage students to go beyond the basics and extend their learning
- access the website on any internet connected device, any time, anywhere
Plus, languages online extra is:
- available as an app
- free of advertising
Want to have a look around? Log into the Demo course and take a closer look:
Click here to go to languages online extra
Log in with the following: Username: demoteacher, Password: Demoteacher-123

How does languages online extra work?

languages online extra is a separate website and is a subscription based service. Schools and teachers can purchase access to materials suitable for a particular year group, as presented on languages online currently. Setting homework on languages online need no longer involve any element of uncertainty – it will mark itself and allow you to view the results. Teachers will be provided with usernames and passwords, as well as access codes and instructions to give to their students for them to be able to enrol themselves into languages online extra. Workload for the teacher is minimal.
Once both teacher and students are enrolled, the teacher will have full access to trace their students’ work. They can assign homework tasks, make sure they are completed and export results and data, into Excel spreadsheets, for example.
Any time, Anywhere. Homework – sorted.
Pupils can work on any tasks at any time, and teachers can track their activity and progress. Alternatively teachers can hide irrelevant material and only let their students see what they want them to at any given time. Teachers might choose to use the resources in class, and then have access to clear evidence of progress. There are so many possibilities, not currently available on languages online. languages online extra is also available with an App version for use on all mobile devices.

Take a tour of languages online extra

In just 5 minutes - check out the new features available to teachers. Watch my video:

Want to check it out from a student's perspective? Join me on a tour here:

How much do subscriptions cost?

Various pricing options are offered for languages online extra:
Class subscription: Schools can sign up individual classes.
This costs, per academic year for access to a teaching year’s worth of resources:
£25 per class, each of up to 35 students
Multiple class subscription:
Schools can sign up for multiple classes to access a teaching year’s worth of resources and benefit from bulk discounts:
This costs:
£130 for up to 6 classes, each of up to 35 students
£160 for up to 9 classes, each of up to 35 students
£200 for up to 12 classes, each of up to 35 students
Access for more classes can be organised on request.
Individual Subscription: Individual subscriptions are offered for students for access to a year’s worth of resources. This costs:
£6 per user
Terms and Conditions
Click here to view Terms and Conditions.

What is available on languages online extra?

Currently available are French First Year Learning, French Second Year Learning, French Grammar, Spanish First Year Learning, German First Year Learning and German Grammar resources.
More will follow in due course
List of Contents for French - First Year Learning
List of Contents for French - Second Year Learning
List of Contents for French Grammar AVAILABLE NOW
List of Contents for Spanish - First Year Learning
List of Contents for German Grammar AVAILABLE NOW
List of Contents for German - First Year Learning AVAILABLE NOW

How do I sign up?

Please note: Pupils will ideally need to have their own individual e-mail addresses to enable them to self-enrol onto the website. If they do not have e-mail addresses, there is a "B" plan.
Schools can click here to access the schools order form. Once you have placed an order, an invoice will then be sent to the school contact via e-mail with payment information (via bank transfer or online via PayPal or Credit Card (click here for details)), and you will receive a link to the Detailed Order Form. Once payment is received your languages online extra account will be prepared for you. Subscriptions will last for one academic year.
Individuals can click here to find out more about how to subscribe, with payment via Paypal or Credit card. Subscriptions will last for one academic year.
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