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languages online extra - Student Feedback

I asked the students in my Year 7 French class for feedback on using languages online extra. Here is a selection of their thoughts:

"It is interactive, engages your brain and gets you thinking" (RP)
"It is a great tool to use to improve your language skills in general and has really helped me to imporove my grades" (AP)
"I thought it was really good because it was interactive and it's much more exciting that written homework. Everything was very straight forward and the Lotto encouraged me to finish all the tasks" (MG)
"It helped me because it has lots of different types of learning - e.g. match up, gap fill and crosswords" (WM)
"languages online extra was a really unique way to learn French and do homework and I enjoyed it a lot" (CB)
"I thought it had a very good layout, so you could find everything quickly. It showed the homework very clearly, so I knew what to do every time. The reward system was very good because it gave people who normally slack off a motive, so at the end they knew it was worth it" (SM)
"The badges are like a motivation to complete your homework. Also the ticks and crosses are helpful in working out which exercises you have and have not finished" (VL)
"I think the Lotto game was very good because then you wouldn't lose interest in it because you would get a prize" (IP)
"The forgotten password facility was very easy and quick to do" (SM)
"I liked how you could go back and do it again if you haven't got it right and see a red cross" (KA)
"The Lotto numbers are really fun, encouraging you to do your homework" (ZW)
"It has made homework fun and enjoyable. I really liked the homework Lotto idea" (MHG)
"It helps you learn vocabulary in a variety of different ways" (PP)
"I liked the Lotto game as it gave me a boost to get my homework done to see what number badge I got!" (BR)
"The Lotto numbers have been fun to collect" (ZA)
"It was a different way of practising my vocab and I always have a better understanding having used it" (GA)
"The Lotto game was a good source of motivation, since everyone wants to win a chocolate!" (AF)
Find out more about using languages online extra with your classes here.
Andrew Balaam, July 2018

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