Wer, wen, wem, wessen - who, whom, whom, whose

# A. C. Balaam #

Welches Fragewort passt? Which question word fits?
The word for 'who' in German changes depending upon the case where it is used:
Nominative: wer (who), Accusative: wen (whom), Dative: wem (whom), Genitive: wessen (whose)

Wer, wen, wem oder wessen? Check what role the word plays in the sentence.

1. spielt gern Basketball? (Who likes playing basketball?)
2. hast du in der Stadt gesehen? (Whom did you see in town?)
3. Mit gehst du heute Abend aus? (With whom are you going out this evening)
4. Heft ist das? (Whose book is that?)
5. suchst du? (Whom are you looking for?)
6. hilfst du heute Nachmittag? (Whom are you helping this afternoon?)
7. Auto steht vor dem Haus? (Whose car is standing in front of the house?)
8. Mit bist du zum Konzert gegangen? (With whom did you go to the concert?)
9. kann heute spielen? (Who can play today?)
10. findest du ärgerlich in deiner Klasse? (Whom do you find annoying in your class?)