L'hôtel le Flamboyant

# A. C. Balaam #

Read the advert on the left, then choose a further three statements from the list on the right which are TRUE.
List their letters in alphabetical order in the boxes!



M. et Mme Pinkowski

98, rue de Paris - 77127

Tél - Fax

Ouvert toute l’année. 272 chambres

Golf - Tennis - Soirée étape

Restaurant fermé le dimanche soir

On n’accepte pas les animaux
A. The hotel is located in the rue de Paris.
B. There are more than 100 rooms.
C. The hotel is closed in winter.
D. There are no leisure activities on offer.
E. You can eat in the hotel on Saturday.
F. You can play golf.
G. You can take your pet dog to the hotel.

Answers, in alphabetical order, please:
Example: A

Task adapted from AQA GCSE Reading paper, June 2002